Top Fertiliser Producers You Need To Know

Fertilisers are very vital tools for agriculture. Fertilisers guarantee higher crop yields and healthy-looking crops. If you are a farmer, your path must constantly cross with that of fertiliser companies. Here are the top fertiliser producers in the UK.

CF Fertilisers Ltd

CF Fertilisers provides support to local markets while utilising its global strengths and expertise to meet the specific needs of farmers in the UK. By manufacturing and distributing fertilisers safely and efficiently, the company is helping feed the crops that feed the UK.

Yara UK Limited

This company is a leading crop nutrition provider specialising in lower carbon footprint nitrogen fertilisers. It is based in the UK with various facilities at different locations. Yara’s activities range from phosphate mining and ammonia/urea production to commodity trade and highly specialised agricultural products.

Origin Fertilisers

This company is a national manufacturer and distributor of fertiliser. It has a strong local presence throughout the country and offers the widest range of fertiliser products and related services on the market.

Glasson Fertilisers

This company produces and supplies high-quality fertilisers to merchants and farmers throughout England, Wales and Scotland. Its pack blended, straight and compound fertilisers are suitable for both arable and grassland farming in the UK.

OMEX Agriculture Ltd

This company is a major manufacturer of liquid fertilisers in the UK. It offers farmers a range of fertilisers like suspension fertilisers, foliar fertilisers and solution fertilisers for their crops’ total nutritional needs.


This is the leading manufacturer of liquid fertiliser in the UK. They are leading British farmers on their path to NetZero. Their team of professionals can help farmers convert to liquid fertilisers with a comprehensive conversion package.

Landowner Liquid Fertilisers Ltd

This company manufactures clear N-P-K-S liquid fertilisers and foliar nutrients and delivers them efficiently throughout the UK.

Fertiliser companies play an important role in ensuring that there is enough food for consumption and production of food-related products. There are more fertiliser producers in the UK, but these are the top ones. For more information about fertiliser producers, contact us.