Important Resources

Agriculture is an age field of human endeavour. There are so many important resources that would help shed more information on agronomy, fertilisers and more.

Farmers Weekly Magazine

This is the leading multimedia information service for farmers and agricultural businesses in print, online and face-to-face. There are news, videos, pictures, blogs and forums on agriculture, agronomy and more.

Farm Business

This website breaks daily news about machinery, livestock and more in the farming industry.

Agronomy and Crop Production

Alabaster Jenkins

This book provides an understanding of the multiple aspects of agronomy with the help of concepts such as sustainable agriculture, crop rotation, plant breeding and genetics, use of fertilisers, crop yield and so on.

Soil and Fertilisers: Managing the Environmental Footprint

Edited By Rattan Lal

This book presents strategies to improve soil health by reducing the rate of fertiliser input while maintaining high agronomic yields.

Agricology Blog

This blog is about sustainable farming. It provides information about restoring soils, using fewer chemicals, tackling climate change, and replenishing wildlife and natural habitats. It seeks to build a more diverse and resilient system that focuses on the supply of food.

Soil Fertility and Fertilisers: An Introduction to Nutrient Management, Eighth Edition

John Havlin,  Samuel Tisdale,  Werner Nelson &  James Beaton

This book provides a thorough understanding of the biological, chemical, and physical properties affecting soil fertility and plant nutrition. It covers all aspects of nutrient management for profitable crop production.

Olly’s Farm

This is a YouTube video channel about the life of a farmer. Olly posts videos about his family farm in Norwich and uses the mixed farm as a base for explaining where food comes from, sharing machinery tours and machinery reviews, and hosting educational visits.

Farming UK

This blog provides farming and agriculture news from across the UK. In it, you will find articles on agriculture and farming news, the latest farm industry news, farmer videos, rural and countryside issues and more.

There are more resources about agronomy and fertilisers, and other agricultural practices.