Functions Of A Farmers’ Association

A farmers association is a body of farmers that operates to safeguard farmers’ rights and interests. The basic mission of farmers’ associations is to represent farmers. However, there are more functions of a farmers association.

One of the main functions of a farmers association is consultation. It has to do with communicating farmers’ views of their situation to the state. A farmers association informs the government of the situation of their members.

The consultation also gives farmers’ associations the right to sit in the decision-making processes that have to do with agricultural policies. It also makes it necessary to consult the association before decisions on equipment, programmes, land development, and so on are made at the government level.

Another function of a farmers association is information. This function aims to facilitate the integration of farmers into markets,  improve the quality of life of the farmers’ areas of operations, and ensure a better balance between farmers and policymakers.

So the information is aimed first at farmers. This is to give them enough information on how to direct their activities according to the requirements of markets, improve their managerial and organisational capacity, and make them more competitive in the market.

Information is also aimed at the governments,  representatives of governments and economic partners of farmers in public and private sectors like the Chamber of Commerce. The information provided will make such bodies aware of the conditions of farming areas, problems and priorities and favourable actions necessary.

Another function of a farmers association is support. Farmers’ associations are formed by farmers to support their craft and promote their interests. They contribute to the professionalisation of agriculture. They also contribute to the economic well-being of the members, their areas of operations and the country.

If you are a farmer, then you should endeavour to be a member of a farmers association. There are benefits to making such a wise move. For more information about farmers’ associations in the UK, contact us today!

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